What is Hamilton Stage?
Hamilton Stage is a brand new sub division near Elko, Nevada with beautiful homes built primarily by Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. The subdivision was started in the fall of 2010 and is currently being expanded to accommodate more homes.

Where is Hamilton Stage?
Hamilton Stage is located in Elko County, adjacent to Elko City, and just minutes away from shopping, restaurants, and other businesses in Elko. To get there, from Silver Street, turn southeast onto Errecart Boulevard. Cross the bridge and then turn right onto Bullion Road. From here drive about 1.25 miles and take a left onto Hamilton Stage Road. Turn right at the Hamilton Stage- Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. sign.

Why Live in Hamilton Stage?

  • Large Building Lots: All building lots are at least 1  acre- perfect if you own horses or to build a shop on.
  • Close to Town: Just minutes away from downtown Elko, and much closer to work than Spring Creek.
  • Unrivaled Value: For the amount of extras that we include in each of our homes, which would be considered upgrades by most builders, the value is truly unbeatable.
  • A Great Place to Live: Hamilton Stage is clean, quiet, conveniently located, and boasts beautiful views of Elko and the surrounding hills.

Lot Availability and Home Construction
Hamilton Stage is continually being developed and expanded to match the demand for homes in the area.  As of now Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. will be building on lots numbered 1 - 30 on the map. 

Hamilton Stage Q & A

Q: How many homes will be built in Hamilton Stage?
A: The development has potential for around 200 homes.

Q: Can I purchase a building lot from Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. to have a home constructed on it by another contractor?
A: No. Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. does not sell property in Hamilton Stage without a completed home on it.

Q: Can I have a fence and horses on my property?
A: Yes

Q: How are homes heated?
A: Natural Gas

Q: Where does the water come from?
A: Each Beck-built home comes with a private well and pump system located on the property.  This may not be the case with other builders' homes.

Q: What is the drinking water quality?
A: Each Beck-built home in Hamilton Stage comes equipped with a reverse osmosis water treatment system, which has been specially designed for the water in the area.  This may not be the case with other builders' homes.

Q: Is Hamilton Stage within Elko City Limits?
A: No. Hamilton Stage is considered Elko County.

Q: Will the road in Hamilton Stage be paved?
A: The developing organization of Hamilton Stage has paved Four Mile Trail and has plans to have Dry Creek Trail paved this year. Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. is not the land developer, and is not responsible or liable for the validity of this statement.

Q: Can I obtain a copy of the CC & Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions) for Hamilton Stage?
A: Yes, if you are interested in a Beck-built home we can provide you with a copy upon request..

Q: Who can I contact for additional information?
A: For questions regarding wells, water treatment systems, and other questions about the area, contact our project manager, Tom Merwin, at (775) 340-2174. To talk about building a home in Hamilton Stage, contact your favorite real estate agent or Bawcom Real Estate (775) 753-6379 and schedule an appointment with Arnold Beck Construction, Inc.


Choosing Your Builder in Hamilton Stage-
Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. VS the competition:

Although Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. was the original builder in Hamilton Stage and has successfully built more than 25 homes in the sub division, home buyers now have the option to have a home built by another builder new to the area.

If your number one priority in home buying is selecting whichever home is priced the very lowest, then Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. is probably not the builder for you.

Though true that square foot for square foot, our Hamilton Stage homes are typically more expensive than those of the competion's, when comparing them side by side, ask the following questions:

  • How many homes has the builder completed in the area and how solid is his reputation?
  • Will you have your own private well with your home, or will you be sharing a well with your neighbor?  What happens if the pump system goes out after several years when you've been watering just your lawn and your neighbor has been watering the forest that he planted?
  • Does the home have a water purification system engineered specifically for the the type of water in the area?
  • Does the home include central air conditioning standard?
  • Does the kitchen come standard with a stainless steel refrigerator, custom cherry cabinets, spacious granite counter tops, and tile flooring?
  • Is the water heater located inside the home or in the garage where pipes can freeze in the winter?
  • What kind of buyer incentives come with the purchase of the home- Does the builder contribute to closing costs?  A Home Depot gIft card?
  • Does the blow in insulation in the attic exceed standards to help keep your heating and cooling bills down for years to come?
  • Does tthe home exterior come with maintenance free aluminum soffit and fascia?
  • What options does the builder give you to pick your own granite, tile, carpet, stucco, roofing, siding, paint?  Do you have options to make changes in layout to customize the home to fit your style and preferences? 
  • How do materials used and finish work compare- Does the home come standard with three-tone stucco exteriors, vaulted ceilings, custom cherry cabinets, granite tops, walk in closets with custom shelving, stainless steel kitchen appliances including refrigerator, central air conditioning, three-tone painted interiors, garage door openers, crown moulding on master bedroom ceiling, and a beautiful oil rubbed bronze hardware package?... Or are all of these items expenisve upgrades?  Is the concrete, stucco, tile, drywall, trim, and paint done by crews that have been with the company for years and take pride in and stand behind all of their work?

Arnold Beck Construciton, Inc. never cuts corners, is committed to building the most quality homes, and provides only the best service to its buyers.  Do your homework, do the math, and decide for yourself which homes have a far better value and will take better care of you and your family for years to come.



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