Q: Does Beck Built Homes build shops or detached garages? icon

A: Yes. Email or call us at (775) 229-4751to schedule a consultation.

A: Possibly. Every area and building lot is different. Please email or call us at (775) 229-4751.

A: No. We offer complete turn-key construction and take care of all financing for our standard models built in our featured locations.

A: Depending on the size and scope of the new home, require a deposit from one to seven percent. Any cost for custom changes or upgrades is required before construction begins.

A: A list of upgrade options and pricing can be provided upon request.

A: We have a strict company policy which does not allow this. Our sub contractors and employees are OSHA certified, covered under our workers compensation insurance.

A: No. Beck Built Homes has painstakingly designed all of its own floor plans around the concept of efficient construction, optimal use of space, and aesthetic appeal. By keeping our plans proprietary, we mitigate the chance of tempting other builders to copy them, thus allowing them to take the same level of pride in their work as we do in ours. If you want to know the dimensions or rooms, simply ask and we will be happy to tell you.

A: The answer is yes and no, as every lot is different. It depends on location, utilities, terrain, and other variables.

A: Depending on the area you build in, Beck Built Homes may contribute up to a maximum of $10,000 towards closing costs.