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The prequalification process for a home loan is easier than you might think and typically involves nothing more than a 15 minute visit or phone call to a mortgage company. A loan officer is able to determine how much you qualify for and ultimately approve you for your home loan. There are several different types of loans as well as multiple ways to structure them. A professional loan officer will help you determine which type of loan best suits you. Shopping your loan is always a good idea. Different mortgage companies offer different rates, charge different fees, and may or may not offer incentives for building with Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. Our preferred lenders have proven time and time again to be the very fastest and most efficient in the business with ensuring your home closes on time. They can offer some of the best rates available and sometimes special discounts on Beck-built homes. If you already have been prequalified, you could still save thousands by simply contacting one of our preferred lenders for a second loan check up. See what our preferred lenders can offer you by checking out their pages on the right.