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    The best part about owning a new Beck-built home is that with today’s interest rates, your monthly mortgage could be comparable and very possibly even lower than with renting a home. The difference is that your hard earned money is not building equity in your landlord’s property, but rather in a home of your very own. Other reasons to strongly consider buying a home over renting are as follows:

  1. No hassle of dealing with landlords.
  2. Your fixed mortgage rate will not go up, though rent almost certainly will.
  3. Home ownership is an investment in the security of you and your family’s future.
  4. Tax deductions including mortgage interest and property tax are available.
  5. Home equity line of credit options may become available as equity in your home is built.
  6. Higher quality, more energy efficient and healthier materials are typically used in new homes.
  7. Potential for home appreciation- Homes in Northern Nevada have historically had a healthy appreciation trend.
  8. Your money is put into a home that you can eventually own outright.
  9. Enjoy the flexibility of personalizing your home- Paint the walls a new color, or eventually build an addition.
  10. A personal sense of stability is gained from home ownership.