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Q. Does Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. do remodeling or additions?

A: No. We focus all of our resources on building outstanding new homes.

Q. Does Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. build homes in Elko?

A: Yes. We are starting a brand new called Tower Hill in Elko City

Q. Do I need to find financing for the construction of my home?

A: No. We offer complete turnkey construction, and take care of all financing.

Q. How Are upgrades paid for?

A: We require any upgrades to be paid for before construction begins. Much of the time upgrades do not appraise meaning the buyer will not be able to add them to their home loan.

Q. Can I perform any of the work on my home during construction to bring down the final sales price?

A: As much as we would love to let you jump right into it, the answer is no. We have to run an extremely tight schedule in order to finish our homes in an average of 55 days. We rely on an exceptionally efficient and skilled crew to meet our deadlines.

Q. Can I pick out my own building lot?

A: Yes. At any given time we have a fairly wide selection of available lots to choose from. We can also build on a lot that you own. You also have the option to pick out any building lot in Spring Creek available for sale, however the time it takes to purchase a lot can often be unpredictable, ranging from a couple weeks to several months. Our lot allowance for our homes is $30,000. The buyer pays the difference for anything above this limit. If you own the lot, we would credit you $23,000 towards the sales price of the home.

Q. Do photos on Arnold Beck Construction. Inc.’s website show upgraded items?

A: Yes and no. Most photos on this site show our homes with only our standard features. Some photos do include extras to allow us to show our outstanding workmanship. Some extras seen frequently are stone veneer, wood flooring, dark stained cabinetry, and tiled showers. As these features appeal to some, but not all, we offer them as optional, but don’t include them as standard in order to still offer an amazing home while keeping our prices at rock bottom.

Q. Can I get a copy of Arnold Beck Construction, Inc.’s floor plans with dimensions?

A: No. We design all of our homes ourselves in order to keep them unique, and to ensure the most efficient construction. Most of all, we would hate to tempt another builder to copy our plans and not be able to enjoy the same level of pride in his own work that we do in ours. If you want to know the dimensions of rooms, simply ask and we will be happy to tell you.

Q. Does Arnold Beck Construction, Inc.’s warranty cover appliances?

A: Appliances are warranted for one year by the supplier. When you purchase your new home, we ask that you register your appliances so they are covered by this warranty.

Q. How are Arnold Beck Construction, Inc’s homes heated?

A: Our Spring Creek homes are heated by propane. Our homes in Tower hill are heated by natural gas. A forced air electric heater may be an option in some of our smaller models.

Q. What is 2 plus 2?

A: 4

Q. Do Arnold Beck Construction, Inc.’s homes come with air conditioning?

A: All home models come standard with air conditioning at no added cost.

Q. Can I get a separate tub and shower put in my home?

A: We have designed our homes to optimize the space available. Certain models to include both a tub and shower, but others do not. In these the available space is typically not there without making complex alterations to the home.

Q. Can Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. build on a lot that I already own?

A: Every lot is different, but in most cases yes.

Q. How does Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. prioritize the construction of its homes?

A: We believe it is unfair to you to insert another buyer’s home in front of yours in order to induce sales and serve our own interests. Our eight week building process remains the same on each of our single level homes. Though we often have a waiting list, we begin one to two homes per week and we always build on a first come first serve basis. That being said, we can typically begin your house very soon after a contract is signed, and during construction you can be assured that we will never bump another home ahead of yours.