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To truly personalize your home, Arnold Beck Construction, Inc. offers an extensive selection of finish materials and options. Exterior choices include over 70 different stucco colors, along with a variety of soffit, fascia, and vinyl siding colors that you can mix and match however you prefer. We also have many choices of stone veneer, roofing colors, and garage door colors and styles.

Although the standard materials and finishes used in our bathrooms and kitchens are of the highest quality and appeal to most, we offer options to upgrade which include a variety of granite tops with different edges-eased, beveled, or chiseled, as well as options for different cabinetry materials and colors. Other interior options include choices for tile, hardwood flooring, carpet, and paint.

While some upgraded features do cost extra, we never gouge on prices and will typically charge you only our cost for materials and labor. Many more finish options can be swapped out at absolutely no cost to you.

Get creative and show off your own unique style in your brand new Beck-Built home.