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    New construction or resale is a decision that every home buyer must make. Although there are benefits to buying a resale home, such as established trees and no waiting for construction, most people will agree that there are far more advantages to buying a new construction home. To name a few:

  1. If purchased early enough you have the option of choosing your own unique design, materials, and colors
  2. New homes are typically much more energy efficient
  3. There is no preexisting wear and tear in a new home, and items that will eventually need to be replaced such as appliances, carpet, and paint, are brand new and high quality.
  4. A new Beck-built home requires far less maintenance. The exteriors of our homes include high quality and durable materials, meaning you’ll never have unsightly peeling painted wood to deal with down the road.
  5. New Beck-built homes come with a 10-year warranty.
  6. New home floor plans are typically more modern, functional, and open.
  7. Generous contributions to closing costs are offered on all new Beck-Built Homes.
  8. There is no price negotiating with a new Beck-built home. We put our very best price tag on all our homes and don’t leave you wondering if you paid too much or could have gotten a better deal.
  9. More efficient fire retardant construction techniques and building materials as well as hard wired smoke detectors are found in new homes.